The Count Of Monte Cristo

• Colonel Villefort, aka: Clarion: Treason is all a matter of dates.
• Danglar: You presume to demote me?
Morell: Not at all. You’re still the first mate of the Pharaon, under Captain Dantes.


[Making a toast] Old Man Dantes: May this moment be the dawn of a new and wonderful life for you both…
[after smashing open the door] Gendarmes Captain: Which one of you is Edmond Dantes?
Edmond: I am.
Gendarmes Captain: Edmond Dantes, you are under arrest by order of the chief magistrate of Marseille.
Old Man Dantes: Arrest?
Edmond: On what charges?
Gendarmes Captain: That information is privileged
[gestures to his men]
Gendarmes Captain: Take him!
[Struggling with guards] Edmond: I demand an explanation! I demand an explanation!


Edmond: Fernand, I’ve been arrested for treason! I barely managed to escape! When we were on Elba, Napoleon gave me a letter. I didn’t tell you because he made me promise not to. He said it was just a note to an old friend, but the bastard lied to me! He lied. It was to one of his agents. Somehow the authorites found out. I don’t know what to do. There’s gendarmes on horseback right behind me.
Fernand: All right. We just have to think.
Edmond: I hope I haven’t compromised you. I was hoping your father could help me.
Fernand: He’s in Paris. He’s very ill. How far back are the gendarmes?
Edmond: Minutes.
Fernand: Do you need money?
Edmond: Yes, thank you.
Fernand: Do you have a pistol?
Edmond: Of course not.
Fernand: Good. (draws sword and points it at Edmond)
Edmond (pushes the blade to the side): Stop it, Fernand. I don’t have time for this.
Fernand (cuts Edmond’s jacket): I saw Napoleon give you the letter.
Edmond: It was YOU?
Fernand: Well, it wasn’t just me. It was Danglars idea.
Edmond: Why didn’t you come to me first?
Fernand: Why did you keep it a secret from me? I thought you were my friend.
Edmond: I told you I have Napoleon my word! He lied to me!
Fernand: I know, Edmond. I read the letter.
Edmond: You… you read… Why are you doing this?
Fernand: Oh, it’s complicated.
Edmond: Complicated? (runs, grabs sword and points it at Fernand)
Fernand (raises sword): Don’t be ridiculous.
Edmond: Get out of my way.
Fernand: I can’t let you go, Edmond. (swordfight, Edmond runs to window) Get away from the window. Don’t make me take off your hand. (cuts Edmond’s hand, gets Edmond’s sword.
Edmond (charges at Fernand and falls to the ground): Why? In God’s name, why?
Fernand: Because you’re the son of a clerk! And I’m not supposed to want to be you. (gendarmes come) In here! (they start to take Edmond away) Wait. (picks up the king from chessboard and give it to Edmond) To remember better days. (gendarmes take Edmond away)

Dorleac: Now you’re thinking, just now “Why me, O God?”. The answer is, God has nothing to do with it. In fact, God is never in France this time of year.

Edmond: There are 72,519 stones in my walls. I’ve counted them many times.
Abbe Faria: But have you named them yet?
• Abbe Faria: God said “Vengeance is mine”.
Edmond: I don’t believe in God.
Abbe Faria: That doesn’t matter. He believes in you.
• Abbe Faria: Here is your final lesson – do not commit the crime for which you now serve the sentence. God said, “Vengeance is mine”.
Edmond Dantes: I don’t believe in God.
Abbe Faria: It doesn’t matter. He believes in you.

Abbe Faria: When I told them I had no idea where Count Spada hid his treasure, I lied.
Edmond: You lied?
Abbe Faria: I’m a priest, not a saint.

Abbe Faria: The stronger swordsman does not necessarily win. It is speed! Speed of hand, speed of mind.
• Abbe Faria: Here is your final lesson: do not commit the crime for which you now serve the sentence.
• Abbe Faria: With two of us digging, we can cover twice the ground. It’ll only take us, oh… 8 years to reach the outer wall.
[Edmond laughs]
Abbe Faria: Ohh… and does something else demand your time? Some pressing appointment, perhaps?
• Abbe Faria: In return for your help, I offer you something priceless.
Edmond: My freedom?
Abbe Faria: No, freedom can be taken away, as you well know. I offer you my knowledge.
• Abbe Faria: The slot opens twice a day. Once in the morning for your toilet bucket, which is where we hide the dirt. And once more in the evening for your plate. Between those times, we can work all day without fear of discovery.

Edmond: So neglect becomes our ally.
• Dorleac: Come on, come on, I haven’t got all day… wait. Actually, I do. I’ve got…
• Dorleac: Let’s make a bargain. You ask God for help, and I’ll stop the moment He shows up.
• [after accidentally throwing Dorleac off the cliff together with a supposedly dead body] Prison guard: We could have handled that a bit better.

Luigi: So, mi amici, I would ask who you are, but in view of your shredded clothes and the fact that the Chateau d’If is two miles away… what’s the point? As for me, I am Luigi Vampa, a smuggler and a thief. My men and I have come to this island to bury alive one of our number who attempted to keep some stolen gold for himself instead of sharing it with his comrades. Interestingly enough, there are some of his more loyal friends who are insisting that I grant him mercy. Which, of course, I cannot do, or I would quickly lose control of the whole crew. That is why you are such a fortunate find.
Edmond: Why is that?
Luigi: You provide me with a way to show a little mercy to Jacopo – that maggot you see tied up over there – while at the same time not appearing weak. And as a bonus, the lads will get to see a little sport as well.
Edmond: How do I accomplish all this?
Luigi: We watch you and Jacopo fight to the death. If Jacopo wins, we welcome him back to the crew. If you win, I have given Jacopo the chance to live, even if he did not take advantage of it, and you can take his place on the boat.
Edmond: What if I win and I don’t want to be a smuggler?
Luigi: Then we slit your throat, and we’re a bit shorthanded.
Edmond: I find that smuggling is the life for me, and would be delighted to kill your friend the maggot!
• Luigi: Oh, and by the way, Jacopo is the best knife fighter I have ever seen.
Edmond: Perhaps you should get out more.
• [Laughs] Luigi: Release Jacopo, and give him back his knife. And we’ll let the games begin.

• Luigi: We shall call him… Zatarra.
Edmond: Sounds fearsome.
Luigi: It means, “driftwood.”
• Edmond: Why? In God’s name, why?

Napoleon: In life, we are kings or pawns.
• Edmond: We are kings or pawns, a man once said.
Luigi: Who told you this?
Edmond: Napolean Bonaparte.
Luigi: Bonaparte?
Luigi: Oh, Zatarra, the stories you tell.

Jacopo: Why not just kill them? I’ll do it! I’ll run up to Paris – bam, bam, bam, bam. I’m back before week’s end. We spend the treasure. How is this a bad plan?

Jacopo: Once again, Zatarra, God sees you out of the corner of His eye.


• Mercedes: Is Viscount Torville dead?
Fernand: Well, unless his heart is situated somewhere other than the left side of his chest, I suspect he is.
[choking up, and making the sign of the cross] Mercedes: God grant him peace. He did no more than defend his family’s honor.
Fernand: Much good it did him. His wife and I were happy in our passion. You were happy in your ignorance. Now comes the viscount’s valiant defense of his honor, and you are pained. She is ruined, and he is dead.
Mercedes: Don’t flatter yourself, Fernand. I was neither happy, nor ignorant, having known about the last three women before Madame Tourville.
Fernand: I’m sorry that you are humiliated. The combination of Paris and me is hardly a recipe for fidelity, is it? But since my attempts at discretion have evidently failed, there seems little point in keeping up pretenses. It’s actually quite… liberating. Wouldn’t you say?

Jacopo: I swear on my dead relatives – and even on the ones who are not feeling too good – I am your man forever!
• Jacopo: I am still your man, Zatarra. I swore an oath, and I will protect you. Even if it means I must protect you from yourself.

• Albert Mondego: Who are you, and why are you doing this?
Luigi: We are bad men, and for the money!

Edmond: If you ever presume to interfere in my affairs again, I will, I promise you, finish the job I started the day we met! Do you understand?
Jacopo: I understand you are mad.
Edmond: Mad? My enemies are falling into my traps perfectly!
Jacopo: Mad, your grace, for not seeing this: you have a fortune, a beautiful woman who loves you. Take the gold, take the woman, and live your life! Stop this plan, take what you have won!
Edmond: I can’t.
Jacopo: Why not?

Count of Monte Cristo: For the present your friend, tomorrow your host, for the short time formality stands between us, the Count of Monte Cristo.
• [to Fernand Mondego] Count of Monte Cristo: May I steal your wife?
Fernand: Excuse me?
Count of Monte Cristo: For the waltz?

• Edmond: Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes. You must look into that storm and shout as you did in Rome. Do your worst, for I will do mine! Then the fates will know you as we know you: as Albert Mondego, the man!

Edmond: This Edmond you loved him?
Countess: Yes
Edmond: For how long?
Countess: For all my life.
Edmond: And how long after he died before you married the Count?
Countess: That isn’t fair.

Edmond: Edmund Dantes is dead.

Mercedes: I want to be free of you… the way you, obviously, are free of me.

Mercedes: I don’t know what dark plan lies within you. Nor do I know by what design we were asked to live without each other these 16 years. But God has offered us a new beginning…

Edmond: If you ever loved me, don’t rob me of my hate. It’s all I have.

Edmond: God?
Mercedes: Don’t slap His hand away.
Edmond: Can I never escape Him?
Mercedes: No, He is in everything. Even in a kiss.

Mercedes: What’s wrong?
Fernand: I’m bankrupt. All my debts have been called in. Also, I am to be arrested.
Mercedes: For what?
Fernand: Piracy, corruption, and murder.
Mercedes: Did you do all these things?

Fernand: Yes. But there’s simply not the time to talk about it. The gendarmes are on their way, apparently, so hurry up and pack something.
Mercedes: I’m not going with you, Fernand.
[Fernand turns towards her and angrily breaks a mirror]
[Panting] Fernand: You are my wife. I have made arrangements for us. We shall be very well taken care of. Now go and find my son.
[Fernand walks briskly away from Mercedes]
Mercedes: He’s not your son.
[Fernand stops dead in his tracks]
Fernand: I beg your pardon?
Mercedes: Albert Mondego is the son of Edmond Dantes.
Fernand: Well, aren’t you a piece of work? So he’s the bastard son of a dead traitor?
[Mercedes smirks]

Mercedes: Why do you think I rushed off so quickly to marry you when Edmond was taken away?
[staring blankly in full realization] Fernand: Premature.
[Fernand steps towards Mercedes and stares piercingly down at her]
Fernand: You pleased me some of the time.
Mercedes: You never pleased me.

Fernand: Monte Cristo!
Edmond: King’s to you, Fernand.
Fernand: Edmond? How did you…
Edmond: How did I escape? With difficulty. How did I plan this moment? With pleasure!
Fernand: So you’ve taken Mercedes.
Edmond: And everything else. Except your life.
Fernand: Why are you doing this?
[pauses, remembering what Fernand said when he asked why he betrayed him] Edmond: It’s complicated. Let’s just say it’s vengeance from the life that you stole from me.

Fernand: Take your vengeance. But know that the blood you spill is noble. Blood that will never run through your veins. You are no more a count than I am a commoner!

Fernand: Because you’re the son of a clerk, and I’m not supposed to want to be you!

• Mercedes: Albert, I found the note you left explaining where you’d gone. But now I must explain something to you. Where you’ve really come from. Albert, you are the son of Edmond Dantes. The man you know as the Count of Monte Cristo.
[Albert Mondego turns to Fernand Mondego]
Fernand: Well, I’m afraid it is true. You are the walking proof that your mother was as much of a whore in her younger years as she is today.

• J.F. Villefort, Chief Magistrate: How is your father?
Fernand: Alive, unfortunately.
J.F. Villefort, Chief Magistrate: We share the same misfortune.

• Fernand: What happened to your mercy?
Edmond Dantes: I’m a count, not a saint.

• J.F. Villefort, Chief Magistrate: I require seventy percent.
Fernand: And yet you’ll only get fifty.
J.F. Villefort, Chief Magistrate: Done.
• Mercedes: I will never forget your kindness.
Fernand: I shall never cease to give it.

Count of Monte Cristo: You’re right, he wouldn’t… but you just have.
• J.F. Villefort, Chief Magistrate: I don’t see how any of this has anything to do with our business relationship!
[calmly] Count of Monte Cristo: I’m about to tell you.
• J.F. Villefort, Chief Magistrate: Mondego’s the one who pulled the trigger! He’d never confess in a million years!

• Edmond: You’ve only got one shot. And it’ll take more than that to stop me.
Fernand: Well, then, I best put it where it will do the most damage.
• [Danglar is hanging from a rope off a ship]
[to the chief Gendarme] Edmond: Cut him down before he can’t talk.
• Abbe Faria: Define Economics.
Edmond: Economics is a science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of commodities.
Abbe Faria: Translation?
Edmond: Dig first, money later.

Fernand: He always was disappointing.
• Fernand: Come in Albert, and for God’s sake be brief.

• Jacopo: I bid you good afternoon, sir. I am here to purchase your lovely home.
[Laughing] Mansion Owner: The very cheek! I shall have you horsewhipped! Now get off my property, you vagabond, before I set the dogs on you, you hear?
[Jacapo lowers the wagon lid and reveals the treasure. The mansion owner sobers up and hands him the property contract] Jacopo: Thank you.

• [while he is about to be hanged] Danglar: Who are you?
Edmond: I’m the Count of Monte Cristo…
Edmond: But my friends call me Edmond Dantes!
• • Albert Mondego: May I ask who you are, Sir?

“Live well. It is the greatest revenge.”
– And I Prefer To Take This Type Of revenge : My thoughts


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