CSS framework

A CSS Framework is meant to provide ready-made solutions for various tasks that we perform on regular basis. In simple terms an ideal CSS framework will provide you with a default style sheet which you should be able to use as a starting point for most of your web design projects.

Advantages of CSS Positioning

1. Easier to make site-wide changes – one css file rather than all pages
2. Smaller files/faster download – less code on the page
3. Easier to code – less code on the page
4. Allows users to customize to their own needs – style switchers
5. More control over code – can deliver code in preferred order for screen readers
6. Files are more accessible to wider variety of mediums. We can build one page, but write separate css files to suit particular mediums like hand-held devices, web tv, printers etc.

Types of CSS Frameworks

  • YUI Grids CSS Foundation
  • 960 Grid System
  • BlueTrip
  • Emastics
  • OOCSS – Object Oriented CSS Framework
  • Elastic CSS Framework
  • The Golden Grid
  • jQuery UI CSS Framework
  • Elements
  • Formy – CSS Form Framework

There are some other CSS frameworks.

Don’t form your opinion only by counting number of praises for a certain framework. You must select one which you can easily understand and modify. Being able to simply use a CSS framework is not enough. If you are selecting a CSS framework for a long haul, you must test it in the most complex project you can get your hands on. This will truly reveal any flaws or strength a framework may have. There is nothing worse than using a framework for a long time and then finding you don’t have complete control over it, specially when you are in the middle of critical project.

Reference: http://webboy.net/presentation/ict2003/index.htm


~ by UTS on May 5, 2009.

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