My Projects Never Failed

I have implemented a lot of applications and websites over the years. Some projects took a week and some took months to finish and one took year to finish. I worked on some projects alone and but others involved as teams, sometimes more than 7 developers. All my projects went into production. Most of them met their deadline and satisfied the user’s requirements. Some missed their deadlines because of unforeseen developments and the scope of some of the projects differed from their original scope because the company or the users changed their minds. But as long as a project goes into production, I consider it to be successful!!!!! So who is coming up with all these reports of “failed” projects? Who is it that is “failing”?
Who says “failed”?
If a Project Fails – Who is it that Failed?
Not Me, Boss? Not My Job?

Someone once said (or should have):

Success is in the eye of the beholder

Whether a project is a success or a failure depends upon who you are. For example, If you were a user, of a website might have been considered a failure. If you were upper management, the telecommunication project and data warehouse projects would probably have been considered failures. But they are not failures from my point of view because I didn’t fail; I did my job as well as I could to the very end when the product was placed into production.

I am not responsible for and have no control over the work environment, the teams to which I am assigned, or the leaders and managers who are appointed by management to direct me. How can I feel responsible for the failure of projects due to causes over which I have no control?

I put in 100% and work very much hard on all my projects. I test the systems as thoroughly as possible. If the project meets the deadline and the users are satisfied with the results, obviously, I and everyone else would consider the project to be successful.

But, if the project cannot meet the deadline or the user requirements due to something out of my control, I can still say it is a successful project because I have done my best and I learned a lot.


~ by UTS on May 12, 2009.

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