How to Embed Images in Gmail

The below post was older one. Google has everything. Gmail have embedded images option as well. I’ll post it soon .
Unlikely there is no way to embed images in Gmail.

To embed images* (rather than attaching them) in your messages sent
through GMail, there are two simple ways.

1. If you use an email client and IMAP/SMTP through your GMail
account, then you can easily embed images in most email clients you
would be using, like Thunderbird, Eudora, Outlook Express, MS
Outlook, Netscape Messenger, et al.

2. If you use only the web interface of GMail (old or new versions), (you go to; as I do)
you would need a workaround to embed images. Here’s how:

a. Close all programs, and sign in to your @gmail account in your
favourite browser.

b. Manoeuvre your way to the Compose, Reply, or Forward screens for
the mail you would want to send. Ensure that you have already set it
to ‘rich-text’ rather than ‘plain-text’ composing mode.

c. Open another tab or window of the same browser, and using your
same GMail username, log in to Google Docs (GDocs) at

d. Open a blank document in GDocs. Compose your message here,
embedding the images you require. Use the ‘Insert Image’ link in
GDocs, if required, to align your images and text, or in a table.

e. Once your message composition is over, use the keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl+A to select all,
Ctrl+C to copy this selection,
return to your original GMail compose window, and use
to paste this entire selection in this text-compose box. You would be
able to see it here now.

f. Fill in the To:/Cc:/Bcc: addressee fields and Subject: content,
and hit Send.

g. Once your mail is sent, you may safely delete the new blank
document you had created in GDocs and close the window without
signing out, and continue with your GMailing.

h. Please remember to log out of your GMail using the ‘Sign Out’ link
once you are through with GMail.

1. Remember that you would need to use the keyboard combin ations Ctrl
+char (on Windows, and appropriately on a Mac) in step-(e) above as
right-clicking for Copy/Paste functions may not work in most

2. This would work whether you use IE or Firefox or Camino or Safari,
on most OSs.

3. *Please note that embedding images directly works best only for
SMALL images. The emphasis is on the word SMALL, which implies that
the individual sizes of these images should be less than 2MB, though
it may be preferable to have these images sized less than 500kB.
Also, due to restrictions on GDocs, text cannot exceed 500kB. To
avoid that, one can simply embed images (say 4 images of 2MB each) on
GDocs, copy- paste it into a GMail compose box, and add text till it
is below the 20MB limit of GMail.


~ by UTS on May 22, 2009.

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