Always read the contract

Imagine you are the HR manager of a business of between 50 and 50,000 employees.  For every employee who works for the business, there is a requirement for them to accept specific policies as a condition of employment.  Policies could include IT usage guidelines, Health & Safety, Travel policies… – the list goes on.  The normal procedure is to give each employee (let’s call him Employee X) a copy of the policy for him to read, sign and hand back.  Unfortunately, the only thing this proves is that Employee X knows how to sign his name!  It is very unlikely he will read and fully understand the policy as there is no control in place to confirm this.  Fast-forward 6 months – Employee X is taken to hospital with a crushed foot.  The conversation goes something like this:

H&R Manager: “What happened?”
Employee X:    “I dropped a lead weight on my foot”
H&R Manager: “Were you not wearing safety boots”
Employee X:    “No – I didn’t realise I had to”
H&R Manager: “But when you started employment with us, you read and signed our Health & Safety policy
which clearly states you must wear safety boots on the shop floor”

Employee X:    “Ah yes, but I didn’t actually read it… I just signed it and gave it back to you”

So the problem here is that there is no proof that the employee actually read the policy.

Always read the contract first before accepting.


~ by UTS on October 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “Always read the contract”

  1. Nice Yar 😀

  2. nice dear, it seems u read b4 join the job hahah

  3. You r right dear, most of the people just dont read routine contracts believing they know whats written on it causing them serious problems in life and job.

  4. Raionalism must be developed and endeavour not confine it but share it.

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