What is Life?

Life is a magazine. Yeah, It is. Look. and This is the website... .. 🙂

Life is boundless joy for those who never came across any sorrows. And
For those who are still waiting for it (Yeah, the boundless joy) is an ocean of hopes.

It is the power that creates our home, a universe of unfathomable size. This incredible power is surging through you at this very moment.

The very 1st thought that comes in general people mind when asked or listen this question is “Ahhrrr! What a strange question is that.” and then a big smile like this :))))). :D. Of course we all know what is meant by the word “life”, but how would you define it?
Only philosophers or the ulmas could define it. other than those people may say:
I can’t live without it! 🙂 Off-course no-one could live without it. What is this stuff called life that we long for ? Well, life is not meant not to be analyzed, dissected with logic, or torn apart with questions. After all, “By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower” Like the beauty of the flower, life needs to be experienced. Needs to be experienced in every way. Joys & Sorrows.
Life is just like a test before our final destination that will come after a long exam having ‘Joys & Sorrows’.


~ by UTS on October 30, 2010.

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