About ME – The Real One

اک چھوٹا سا لڑکا تھا ميں جن دنوں

اک ميلے ميں پہنچا ہمکتا ہوا

جی مچلتا تھا ہر اک شے پہ


جيب خالی تھی کچھ مول لے نہ سکا

لوٹ آيا ليۓ حسرتیں سيکڑوں

اک چھوٹا سا لڑکا تھا ميں جن دنوں


محروميوں کے وہ دن تو گۓ

آج ميلا لگا ہے اسی شان سے

آج چاہوں تو ساری دکاں مول لوں

آج چاہوں تو سارا جہاں مول لوں

نارسائ کا جی ميں دھڑکا کہاں


وہ چھوٹا سا الہڑ سا لڑکا کہاں

۔۔۔۔۔ابنِ انشاء

I read the above poetry when I was in grade 6th. That was the time when I was ‘چھوٹا سا الہڑ سا لڑکا :)’. The last lines not fit for me at that time. That’s why I did not note anywhere. Now The whole poetry is fit for me.

This is a story of thousands of people in this world. but off-course with a big difference.
The problem is feeling of having “نارسائ کا جی ميں دھڑکا ” is the same in all human beings.
Just think wrt the following Quote:
“I cried when I had no shoes. Suddenly I stopped crying when I saw a man without leg.”

For example, I could not bear the pain of hitting with a 5 KG stone but 4 KG. The other man could only bear 2KG. If hit with more than that would die.
I am strong others are weak. Noooo, not like that …

But unfortunately I don’t have the actual wording. I just recalled my memory to write it here. If somebody have the correct and actual words kindly post.
With many Thanks to abushamil I am glad to say to other readers that no need to correct me. The mistake in above poetry was corrected by him many days ago and I have updated poetry. – 19 June 2009


7 Responses to “About ME – The Real One”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed surfing through your blog. Liked the diversity and fusion of topics you’ve discussed. Would love to have your views on religion and politics….Someday 🙂


  2. Good to share with us.
    i think it’s my story.

  3. waaaaah kia kehnay lajawab itkhaab hay zabrdsssssttt

  4. واہ

  5. i want to share it on google plus. how can i do that? there isnt any share option for google pls.

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